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Re: <nettime> Driverless cars, pilotless planes -- will there be jobs left fo...

> Neither will admit that the maintenance of a 
> social order  requires a very large number of 
> professional educators, ideologists artists 
> and thinkers.
Sorry if I missed this in your earlier writing!  What you are  promoting is 
*not* the "working class" (production) or the "managerial class"  
(neoliberals) but rather the "intellectual class" -- your CLASS . . . !!
Why do you think that this "class" or, if you will, those who fancy  
themselves to be the "post-modern priests" (as reflected by much of the  
conversation on this list over the past 15+ years) could possibly help provide  
"social order"?
Aren't they also deeply confused?  Don't they largely find themselves  
absorbed in repetitious discussions where the fundamental issues of culture and  
civilization are deliberately avoided?  Aren't they generally unable to  
comprehend the impact of our inventions on ourselves?  Don't they avoid  
honest analysis of the origins of the West, while failing to grapple with the  
basic differences in the East?
Perhaps Summers and Hutton have met some of these new "priests"?   Maybe 
they know how "dis-ordered" they really are?
Current technology trends are pointing towards 50% unemployment in the  
developed economies.  Meanwhile, you seem to be worried about your own  "job."  
Somehow, while understandable, that doesn't seem like a very useful  
approach to the crisis faced by a *billion* other people -- most of whom have no  
interest in being "educated" by "ideological artists"!
Mark Stahlman
Brooklyn NY

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