allan siegel on Mon, 27 May 2013 19:25:16 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> will be there be jobs?

Well Brian is spot-on when he says, "We live under the grip of *that* professional universe, whose 
expansion and accumulation of power has marked the entire neoliberal 
era. If there is no counter-project, their power will only grow in the 
course of this crisis."

The fact is that too many on the left cannot conceptualise some form of economic paradigm that goes beyond the neoliberal mindset; the discourse revolves around what kind of bandaid to use or ways of reforming a structure that is gruesomely malignant; politicians can only talk of change that is ephemeral and lasts only from one press release to another. And an alternative progressive vision is muted at best.

There are countless historical examples of radical changes in economic processes and forms of work and labour; today, globally, we are producing, creating, innovating new forms of knowledge and information - only a fraction of this has been utilised to its potential; we are thwarted by anachronistic, self-centred social models that perpetuate a kind of social decay that grows ever more venomous. 

The problem is not whether there will be jobs but rather if we are capable of any form of collective, socially beneficial programs and means of governance beyond the dystopic charade that some people still call democracy.


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