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<nettime> Mckenzie Wark in Conversation with Montgomery Cantsin

Mckenzie Wark in Conversation with Montgomery Cantsin

Since the Nineties (at least), Mckenzie Wark has been writing critical texts that have raised the bar in countless conversations regarding networked culture, “weird global media events,” the philosophy of open source, game theory, and so on. He’s also been known for his active and ongoing engagement with a certain body of ideas associated with the Situationist International (S.I.)–a coalition of subversive thinkers and doers who coalesced in Europe around 1957 (to drift, drink, and détourn).

In spite of everything having already turned to shit, Wark kindly met with Brooklyn’s Montgomery Cantsin on the 16th of May, 2013, in Manhattan. Prior to a show and tell–of Wark’s 3D-printed Guy Debord Action Figures (“His action is smoking,” says Wark) and Cantsin’s metagraphic tattoo (from a design by Isidore Isou)–the two spoke briefly about philosophy, history, science, and technology. Wark would soon be on his way to the U.K. where (in addition to doing an event at Furtherfield) he’s headed for a speaking engagement (for his new book–just published by Verso–Spectacle of Disintegration) that’ll put him right alongside the former Situationists Alice Becker-Ho and Jacqueline de Jong.

Montgomery Cantsin is an emerging Brooklyn-based intermedia artist. Cantsin's visual collage work is currently included in the Hayward Touring group show "Outrageous Fortune," while Cantsin's audio collage work has recently appeared online at HTML Giant. Also a 16MM film freak, Cantsin has worked as a researcher for such found-footage filmmakers Craig Baldwin, Bill Morrison, and Ben Rivers. Cantsin currently makes GIFs for the Berlin-based group Network Awesome.

Also more info about -- McKenzie Wark's presentation of his latest book The Spectacle of Disintegration at Furtherfield 25th May


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