Joss Winn on Sun, 19 May 2013 18:58:50 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Moishe Postone

Does anyone on this mailing list follow the work of Moishe Postone? I am
trying to think about how his reading of Marx's Capital can ground a
critique of 'hacktivism' and other hacker/geek related social movements.
In particular, his book:

and his article on anti-semitism:

There is much to admire about his approach, but in particular, the way
it leads to a critique of social movements that fetishise the concrete
over the abstract.

A number of writers have referenced Postone's work, but I have yet to
find anyone writing about technology and society really sustain any
engagement with this work. It is not easy to extend the logic of his
argument to everyday life, but it seems to me like such effort could be
very fruitful.


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