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IACCCA brings together some 40 curators of corporate art collections in order to reflect on the specificities of individual collections. IACCCA is a platform for the curators to share best practice and insights on challenges and opportunities facing corporate collectors (e.g. staff buy-in and employee engagement and education, legitimacy in times of crisis, positioning within corporate social responsibility?).

Initiatives include privileged exposure to other collections and collectors' expertise, reciprocal visits of collections' storage facilities, networking amongst a peer group, and strengthening communications power. There are also highly valuable technical sessions to share specialist expertise (e.g. on conservation and restoration issues, relations with stakeholders?).

IACCCA members, March 2013
Corporate collections represented by their serving director or curator: 
Austria: Erste Group/ERSTE Foundation, EVN AG; Belgium: Belfius Banque, Belgacom, ING Belgium, Lhoist Group, National Bank of Belgium; Brazil: Ita? Unibanco Bank; Canada: Banque nationale du Canada; France: Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, HSBC France, Neuflize Vie, Norac, Soci?t? G?n?rale; Germany: Deutsche Bank AG, DZ Bank, European Patent Office; Japan: Shiseido; Luxembourg: European Investment Bank; Morocco: Attijariwafa Bank; Netherlands: AMC, De Nederlandsche Bank, ING Bank, Rabobank Nederland, Rabo Real Estate Group; Norway: Statoil; Portugal: Banco Espirito Santo; South Africa: Standard Bank; Spain: Berg? & Cia, Fundaci?n Banco Santander, Fundaci? "La Caixa," Fundaci?n Mapfre; Switzerland: Banque Pictet, BSI SA, Nationale Suisse; Turkey: Borusan Holding; UK: Fidelity Worldwide Investment.

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