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Re: <nettime> the leopard 2.0 [was Re: nettime-l Digest, Vol 68, Issue 4]

Hi Lorenzo, how very good to hear from you again.

Thank you very much for this reply. Your remarks help a lot in  
understanding the phenomenon, or at least see how hard it is to  

The threat of economic armageddon seems to drown out all discussion  
about the democracy and politics in this country. Once again, the  
illusion that "there is no alternative"  is held so high, that one  
wonders whether somebody checked the coffin of Margaret Thatcher to  
verify that she was actually in it. Or did she resurrect on the third  
day and will her thoughts reign over us until the second coming? At  
least in Italy, that's what I get from your reply, 5star is forcing  
that debate, and indeed may be preparing a battle ground. Without  
becoming too post-political, I think room for confrontation and away  
from the frictionless ice-rink on which we are stuck in the middle is  
what we are in dire need of.

I look at new media as a solution to what bothered Oscar Wilde about  
Socialism, namely "that it takes too many evenings." It will require  
working on the mechanics of representation and popular engagement in  
policy, but I think I would prefer that than having to use what in the  
end could turn out to be a crypto-fascist trailblazer to create that  

Using City Mine(d) as an experimentation lab for sorts of things, this  
is what we are currently working on in a similar vein:


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