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<nettime> Bitcoin, the end of the Taboo on Money

dear nettimers,

here I propose you the reading of an article I've just published about
Bitcoin, which seems to be onnipresent on mainstream media nowadays.


the downloadable PDF is linked from the webpage above, where public
comments via mainstream social networks are also possible.

Here below the abstract. I'll be happy to read your comments, criticism
and suggestions, but please keep in mind I'm not focusing at all on any
macro nor micro economical issues, but trying to look at Bitcoin from a
biopolitical point of view, as a process, as an emergent constituency.

greetings from Cairo


Bitcoin is a decentralized system of digital authentication that
facilitates the circulation of value on the Internet without the
presence of any intermediaries, a characteristic that has often gained
it the definition of "digital cash" or "crypto currency", since it can
be used as money for payments.

This article consists in a technoetic inquiry into the origins of this
technology and its evolution. This inquiry will take in consideration
the biopolitical dynamics that govern the Bitcoin community as well
specific characteristics of the technical realization, aiming to provide
insights on the future of this technology as well a post-humanist
interpretation of its emergence.

The original source of distribution for this article, also providing
its most up to date version, is the Internet website

This content is licensed as Creative Commons "BY-NC-SA" 3.0 in the
jurisdiction of the Netherlands: it is free to be copied, republished
for non-commercial use, quoted and remixed by providing correct
attribution to its author(s), while all derivative works must adopt
the same license. Different licensing conditions can be arranged,
those interested can write to Dyne.org Press <press@dyne.org>

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