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<nettime> invitation to ArtLeaks – Cultural Workers’ Workshop in Berlin on Monday, June 4th, 8pm - Westgermany

We would like to bring your attention to our more focused second meeting in Berlin which will follow up the ArtLeaks’ 1st Working Assembly, around the issues that are at the core of the group’s mission, namely exposing instances of abuse, corruption and exploitation in the art world - to be held at Flutgraben on June 3rd from 19:00 ( 

Then on Monday, June 4th, 8pm at Westgermany in collaboration with Interflugs, ArtLeaks will co-host a workshop in which we would like to focus on specific cases submitted to our platform, and what we may learn from these instances of abuse and exploitation to create an international front of solidarity to struggle for cultural workers’ rights. How can we then challenge ourselves to re-imagine fairer relationships to institutions, organizations, networks and economies involved in the production and consumption of art and culture? In addressing these concerns as a group, we will develop themes that will form the bases of ArtLeaks’ upcoming publication, a journal which will be entirely dedicated to censorship, cultural workers’ rights and formulating strategies and goals of organizing cultural workers. 


ArtLeaks members: Corina Apostol, Vlad Morariu, David Riff, Dmitry Vilensky, Raluca Voinea will facilitate the workshop in collaboration with Interflugs and friends. Special thanks to West Germany.


Time: Monday, June 4th, 8pm

Place: West Germany, Skalitzer Str. 133, S-Kottbusser Tor

The workshop will be held in English.

looking forward top your participation


dmitry vilensky
Chto Delat?

Oranienbaumskaya 20 - 15
197110 St. Petersburg

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