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<nettime> another short peice on digital media and consumption

To give some background to this article. Woolworths is one of Australia's duopoly of supermarket retailers.  They own heaps of other retailing business as well as well as lots of gambling outputs.  They, along with Westfarmers have gradually been crushing rival businesses in all forms of consumer activity. They make very good profits and growth of profits.  They have been pushing impulse consumption through digital media. This is what they think about digital media:

Woolworths's digital multi-channel expert, Penny Winn, told a Trans-Tasman business lunch yesterday how smartphone users had become increasingly fixated by their devices and that shopping was a natural addition to their use.

Noting how 1.6 million people had downloaded the Woolies phone app, Winn said smartphones had become a part of our make-up as if we were addicted to them.

''I guess the one thing about these things is that it's almost like a heroin hit,'' she said.


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