Dan S. Wang on Tue, 22 May 2012 17:28:45 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> mind games

My interpretation is that the Occupy movement is largely fueled by those
Americans (especially the young) who see their bleak future being realized
and reinforced with each passing news cycle?but those are people largely
drawn from the segments of the population that even bother to pay attention
to the news and current events. Though there is an anti-war/anti-imperialist
element in the Occupy movement, the main motivation has been a will to
confront the corrupt core of the US itself: massive taxpayer-financed
write-offs, zero accountability, austerity in the form of a decayed
infrastructure and underfunded or non-existent services for ordinary people,
and, increasingly, attacks on the upper segments of the 99%. There is
something beautifully selfish about the Occupy movement.

For the growing population of poor urban youth of color, mis- or
non-educated, segregated by space and media, overexposed to a toxic youth
culture of anti-intellectualism, reductively sexualized human relationships,
and moronic materialism (all amplifed by the most cynical capitalist culture
industry), that same despair is being cemented as we speak, what with the
draconian defunding of exisiting educational pathways. But without a
credible political outlet, analysis, or aesthetic, these populations
languish as a politically unproductive underclass. This is a demographic
time bomb that the Occupy movement must engage. I¹m talking about today¹s
teenagers, to whom Obama is already irrelevant.

Drone warfare is the answer to what now may be a permanently broken
military. The favoring of contractors has resulted in an enlisted force that
is so de-skilled, returning vets are practically worse off now in terms of
their livelihood prospects than in the Vietnam era. More contractors and
more automation means fewer and more selective enlistments, a smaller troop
count. Thus, even the traditional military pathway to a career for the
working class and underprivileged is becoming less accessible. But not
enough notice. Which means even fewer will actually care about the
³surgical² violence the president remotely greenlights on a regular basis.

I¹m sorry to take a grim perspective, but things seem headed this way in any
case: the imperial presidency won¹t get the attention it deserves from the
American people including the Occupy movement until a few too many strikes
take place on American soil from American skies. Until then, it¹s a matter
of how quickly the rot of broken promises and shattered futures spreads
throughout the domestic body, and how ably are the Americans of conscience,
consciousness, and yes LOVE, to knit the movement broader and stronger,
following the coursing rot.

That may happen yet, if we all make the effort, wherever we are. NYC,
Oakland, and Chicago are one thing, but it is the tiny groups like Occupy
the Ozarks?testifying, putting voice to the 99%, and declaring themselves
present in deep red conservative country?that should give us all hope and


Dan w.



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