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<nettime> Solidarity with Quebec Strike -- A Day of Action in NYC (May 22)

Dear nettimers,

as many of you probably know the Quebec's provincial government has 
recently passed an emergency law whose goal is to quash the massive 
student strike and demonstrations against tuition hike in public 

Below is the press release for a day of action organized by Free 
University NYC in solidarity in New York on May 22.



Pop-Up Free University in Solidarity with the Quebec Student Movement

The Free University is hosting a pop-up occupation Tuesday, May 22nd in 
Washington Square Park at 5PM on the 100th day of the Quebec students? 
unlimited strike, already one of the largest student mobilizations in 
recent history.

During 100 days of strike, contempt, and resistance, students have 
mobilized against steep tuition increases, austerity and debt, and the 
criminalization of the right to education. In order to break the growing 
strike and destroy the power of the student union, the Quebec Government 
enacted a special emergency law (Bill 78) this past Friday. Popularly 
known as ?Loi Fuck,?the lawis a blunt and draconian tool that outlaws 
public assembly, imposes harsh fines for strike activity (even tacit 
support), and effectively makes organizing an arrestable offense.

On Tuesday in New York City, we stand in solidarity with Quebec students 
who will be marching in record numbers, in defense of our right to 
protest, and for our right to education as we determine it.

The Free University is hosting a pop-up university open to all students, 
educators, and community members.

We call on all who want to come and TEACH a class/ FACILITATE a 
discussion/ HOST a skill-share as part of the Free University. Come to 
Washington Square Park on Tuesday at 5pm and join us!

We call on everyone who heard about the how great the Free University 
was on Mayday, everyone who came to the Free University on Mayday and 
everyone who is interested in how we can organize education as a free 
and accessible commons to COME to Washington Square Park on Tuesday. We 
call on all to COME to defend our right to assembly?everywhere and anywhere.

As part of the afternoon?s activities, The Free University will host 
discussions about the state of the student unlimited strike in Quebec, 
the criminalization of dissent, and what this means for our movements.

If you want to teach a class or host a discussion just come to the park 
with a sign announcing your class and check in at our table on the North 
side of the fountain at 5PM. We?ll be announcing all the classes on a 
board at 6PM.

Together we will stand in solidarity, determined to make our 
universities places of free education, inquiry, and access to knowledge 
for all.

2PM?Demonstrate, 1 Rockefeller Plaza
Demonstration in solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike
Outside the Quebec Government Offices at1 Rockefeller Plaza

5PM?Gather, Check-in, Washington Square Park, North Side of Fountain
Gather to paint banners, make ?book bloc? shields, and cut red squares 
for the evening march.
Check-in for those who want to facilitate lectures, workshops, 
skill-shares, and discussions. Please bring all the materials you may 
need to make banners and host classes.

6PM?Free University, Washington Square Park, various locations-- check 
board on North Side of Fountain
Teach in/Speak out assembly about the Quebec student strike, the 
emergency laws, and the criminalization of dissent; followed by 
self-organized lectures, workshops, skill-shares, and discussions of the 
Free University.

8PM?Assembly and March, Washington Square Park
General Assembly and March against Repressive anti-protest laws worldwide

Students in Quebec use the symbol of the ?red square? to signify being 
financially ?in the red? amid tuition hikes, cuts in social 
entitlements, and the spectre of spiraling student and consumer debt. We 
are all ?in the red? as long as the 1% imposes upon us austerity, debt, 
and repression. An increase in the powers of the police and the state 
anywhere is an attack on us everywhere.

We reject the politics of austerity and the policing of our right to 
assemble. We stand in solidarity with the Quebec student mobilizations. 
Join us! Wear Red! Long live the unlimited student strike!

For more information, please contact 

Useful websites:
Facebook page for the May 22 national demonstration in Montreal, QC:
The poster (PDF)
The call for solidarity donations (includes an excellent summary of Bill 

Stop the Hike!


To better coordinate information between our demonstrations, these hash 
tags are in use in Quebec and would help student strikers learn of our 
tweets, etc.

Hashtags to use:
#GGI (Greve generale illimitee/Quebec student strike/movement)
#Loi78 (Bill 78)
#manifencours (Demonstrations in progress, all actions)
twitter: @FreeUnivNYC
phone: 347-670-FREU (3738)
e-mail: <>
facebook: <>

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