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Re: <nettime> Another insult of the 1 percent: everybody does it!

Mark writes

>The *effect* of digital media is to directly undermine "conspicuous
>consumption" which REQUIRED mass-media to prop it up.  It's OVER!!

Interesting point, but any evidence for it?
I see conspicuous consumption of i-pads and iphones all over the place - even when people's old ones work pefectly well.

Digital economy requires 'vehicles' and transmission and the conspicousness of this seems to be a status claim ('i can download a google of gigabytes a month', 'I keep up to date', 'I'm on top of things' 'Only peasants use PCs' etc etc)

>(Btw, the Chinese appear to have already figured this out but apparently
>none of the Western elites -- or their necessary counterparts, the
>"protesters"  -- seem to have grasped what has already occured.)

so what are the Chinese doing? buying more coal? displacing poorer people for dams, buying palaces for their rich in China and overseas?


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