Dan S. Wang on Thu, 10 May 2012 15:14:07 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Another insult of the 1 percent: everybody does it!

My friend at Yahoo, a senior engineer, tells me that his co-workers are in a
lather. Their CEO, known for a leadership style, reorganization strategy,
and corporate housecleaning method akin to swinging a double-headed axe
blindfolded, apologized twice last week for having made the mistake not of
lying, but of including an ³inadvertent² false credential on his resume:
that he had earned an undergraduate degree in computer science when in fact
he hadn¹t, and had only a degree in accounting.

This, in a company and a Silicon Valley professional environment full of
engineers with honestly hard-earned CS degrees from Stanford, Berkeley,
Caltech, Cal Poly, Michigan, Purdue, Georgia Tech, etc, etc.

The man has not been fired yet. Because apparently ³everybody does it.² Or
³it doesn¹t matter.² Or ³it¹s no big deal.² Or because the board just won¹t
hold another multi-millionaire accountable. They just won¹t.

Neutrality? Complexity? No. The question is this: how does one group of
people make another group of people do something that they really don¹t want
to do?


Dan W.



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