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Re: <nettime> Why I say the things I say

re all,

On Sun, 06 May 2012, Newmedia@aol.com wrote:

> "Commodified" and detached-from-history "displays" of this sort are
> much more likely to *hide* than to *reveal* anything useful about
> our *living* culture for the simple reason that those who actually
> construct these exhibits have "no culture" themselves.

I'm going to quote you on this one.

> Bill Gates is backing Big History.  This is typically a first-year
> college course that teaches "complex systems," starting with the Big
> Bang and ending with Global Warming.
> _http://www.bighistoryproject.com/
> While he may have picked the wrong "culture" (i.e. "emergence" is
> arguably a re-tread of the neo-Platonic notion of "emanations"),
> he's probably pointed in the right direction -- in the sense that
> what we are now struggling to compose is a new *cosmology* that is
> appropriate to living in our digital times.

I'm finding the whole discussion interesting, just have to react on
this one that looks to me like a flaw in your thought and yet more
wasted time for mr.Bill and his Gated community.

Looking for the Origin is a dumb, stupid thing that humankind keps
doing all the time. Quoting my beloved professor here, Antonio
Caronia, it is as stupid as wondering about how your parents had sex:
it strikes you to think about that, but doesn't helps you at all to
understand yourself, nor the reality around you, nor the system where
you live as a whole.

Its just pure fascination.

And we loose ourselves in the fascination of the Archia all the time,
that's even how philosophy was born, until Heraclitus has shown some
maturity in that dicourse.

Even when we witness a war, the first foolish question asked is about
"who started it".

But the best thing to do if you really get to see that apple...
is to bite it.


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