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Re: <nettime> Revolutionary Flows of Value in the Macroeconomy

hi Dmytri,

On Tue, 24 Apr 2012, Dmytri Kleiner wrote:

> Utopianism (#3 #4) is rampant among reformists, making& much of what
> is proposed among proponents of so-called "Alternative Economics"
> utterly nonsensical.

I'm surprised.

I know you just since a few years, from art related conferences and
just that. Since then, I've never really understood where the hell you
come from and, most importantly, where do you find the time to write
the pataphysical flow of text and fake projects you produce.

Before I even realize about such question marks lost in the incredible
quantity of urgent questions swarming my brain, you are waving a
TeleKommunisten manifesto besides Geert at a E-Commons conference in
De Balie.

You did that in front of a public that is more and more desperate for
concrete economic solutions in online content distribution and
preservation, loosing jobs as we speak in the very sector I've
patiently researched and developed myself during the past 6 years.

I was sincerely surprised to see you there, in the middle of clueless
europeans and leftish intelligentsia, taking all that space and even

But now I think I know better.

I do know that you are just a clown.

I should have understood that at the very first moment you used you
unique way to flood-talk me with your nonsense, since you can do that
even in person and very well. Your brain is special, you are trained
to do things that once I thought could be done only in written text.

The next thing I'll really try to understand is what moves people like
Geert and other intellectuals, that I still recognize as honest to
their public, to let you taint the delicate and scarce grounds we have
left in Europe for a real discussion.

And what is reality? - you might ask

And what is a discussion? - I'd ask back then.


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