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Re: <nettime> The (Letter-) Post Office's last stand ... in Florida(WSJ)
John Young on Sat, 31 Mar 2012 00:44:03 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> The (Letter-) Post Office's last stand ... in Florida(WSJ)

The postal system remains the most secure public communication
system for all its faults and invasive letter opening and craven
cooperation with official spies and their corporate cohorts. 

All digital comsec is faulty -- by design so its designers say to
aid sysadministration and security/privacy updates. No official
agency has ever had such intimate sustained access to those 
willing to barter digital hawking-gawking for instant full-body
cat-scan diagnosis.

Closing of post offices is a pretty good way to drive the citizenry 
into using the Greatest and Easiest Spy System ever invented, 
the Internet, along with the flood of user-funded digital spying 
devices always kept close at hand to minutely monitor the
digi-addled constantly logging in to disclose where when how
and who is eager to be diagrammed and archived via the
magnificent Stasi-cum-TLA's. Best friends inform on each
other deliriously, albeit curtailed by driver distraction
calamity and pothole-lightpole crippling.

Hail Apple's deployment of spike-heel design to allure and
bewitch those most frantic to bare and share inmate-ID
finger tapping stylisms far superior to interrogatory torture, 
handwriting, polygraphing, argument.

Cloud computing brings it all home to the Lord God in
Heaven who panopticked sinners from Day One. 
Worldwide TLA wet dream, that compendia Amazonia.

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