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For the 7. Berlin Biennale, the curator Artur ??mijewski has created a
political space where to explore the effects of art in society and the
connections with the current social and political situations. In this
scenario, several actors, institutions and political collectives that share
this approach have been invited to engage in ???solidarity actions??? in
accordance with the theme of the BB7.

In this frame, the Istituto Svizzero di Roma and the Free Metropolitan
University of Rome are organizing a solidarity action to debate on the new
forms of interaction between art, knowledge and politics, with the aim of
giving visibility to a network of organizations acting in various
countries, in solidarity with each other and with the Biennale.

On March 23 Igor Stokfiszewski (literary critic, editor and playwright,
member of the 7. Berlin Biennale team) and Salvatore Lacagnina (Head of
Arts Programming at the ISR), will discuss the forms of responsibility and
possible intervention of art in the social and political realities, through
the work of Artur ??mijewski.

On March 24,  The Free Metropolitan University of Rome (LUM) and the
political collective Krytyka Polityczna will meet at the Istituto Svizzero
of Rome to discuss about a new political constellation for the
movements. Starting from the documents ???Do the right Thing??? by LUM and
???Globalize the left??? by Krytyka Polityczna, we will discuss about the
multiplicity forms of uprising across Europe exploring their constituent
capacity, in particular focusing on the co-extensive and recursive
relationship between tumults and institutions. While social movement
questions life and form of expression, art and knowledge, institutions
refer to a ???positive model of action??? that organizes reality developing
multiplicity, linking uprising to federal and transnational dispositive
able to spread power instead of concentrating it.

full program here:

LUM (Libera Universita` Metropolitana) is a Free Metropolitan University
based in the self-managed and autonomous atelier ESC, indipendent from the
academy, that since 2005 organizes open seminars which last one year.
Students, researchers, precarious workers, PhD students and professors hold
free and public discussions leading to the organization of an annual
seminar. Every year it is focused on different issues, such as
 transformation of metropolis and its gentrification; human nature and
political theory; figures of the material body in the present; tumults and
uprisings; common property in the global crisis. The series of seminars is
often followed by the publication of seminar papers such as Lessico
Marxiano (ManifestoLibri, 2008) and Le passioni della crisi
(ManifestoLibri, 2010) both available on our website under Creative Common
License. www.lumprojects.org - www.escatelier.net

Krytyka Polityczna (The Political Critique) is a Polish left-wing
intellectual journal founded by S??awomir Sierakowski in 2002. It is
represented by a group of left-wing Polish intellectuals: Yael Bartana
(Arts Editor), Magdalena B????dowska, Kinga Dunin, Maciej Gdula, Dorota
G??a??ewska, Maciej Kropiwnicki, Julian Kulty??a (Vice Editor-in-chief),
S??awomir Sierakowski (Editor-in-chief), Micha?? Sutowski (Managing Editor),
Agata Szcz????niak (Vice Editor-in-chief), Artur ??mijewski (Arts Editor)
amongst others. It deals with social sciences, culture and politics and
with how these disciplines produce a visible impact on social reality. The
journal is media partner of the BB7. www.krytykapolityczna.pl

Igor Stokfiszewski (1979) is a literary critic, editor and playwright. He
collaborates regularly with Krytyka Polityczna and is member of the 7.
Berlin Biennale team. He studied Polish philology at the University of Lodz
and at Jagiellonian University. He was editor of the literary magazine Ha!
art from 2001 until 2006 and is author of the volume Political Turn (2009).
He has worked as a playwright since 2005 and more recently has contributed
to Mass, the reconstruction of the rite of a Roman Catholic mass, directed
by Artur ??mijewski that was performed on two consecutive evenings at the
Teatr Dramatyczny in Warsaw in October 2011. He is co-editor of the Berlin
Biennale blog: www.berlinbiennale.de/blog/

Artur ??mijewski (Warsaw, 1966) started working as an artist in the 90s,
when he studied in the sculpture class of Professor Grzegorz Kowalski at
the Warsaw Art Accademy with Katarzyna Kozyra and Pawel Althamer.  His work
became known for An Eye for an Eye (1998-2000): here ??mijewski worked with
a group of physically disabled people. In 2005 he represented Poland at the
51st Venice Biennale with the film Repetition (2005). In 2007 he published
a series of interviews with artists entitled ???Dr????ce cia??a??? (Trembling
Bodies). He collaborates regularly with the Foksal Gallery Foundation and
is Art Director of the left-wing social-political journal Krytyka
Polityczna. This collaboration with KP has given him the opportunity to
theorize on his artistic position through articles such as ???Stosowane
Sztuki Spo??eczne??? (The Applied Social Arts). Published for the first time
in the journal in 2007, ???The Applied Social Arts??? provoked a growing debate
about the question of the necessity of contemporary art to have a
substantial impact on society. Artur ??mijewski lives and works in Berlin
and Warsaw.

more info:


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