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Re: <nettime> flashback: European Software Festival, Munich 1991
Station Rose on Wed, 21 Mar 2012 11:53:49 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> flashback: European Software Festival, Munich 1991

Hi all,

we have been one of the (rare) media-artists showing an installation there.
(we were at the festival twice, 1992 with a performance)

If I remember right, it was "Station Rose - Public Brain Session" in 1991, an AV-installtion, where we worked with frequencies, 

as well as a talk of Gary Danner & me about our early netart activities & daily online-presence at The Well. 
Conversations between Station Rose & Marvin Minsky happened as well. 

Jaron did not come, and the way I see it, Andreas  - virtual reality had taken a step back, and we made a step ahead, 
saying "Cyberspace & the Net will be the place to be". 

Munich was quite interesting at that time - we had moved from Vienna to Frankfurt before, (in jan.1991), had AV-performed at the artspace Marstall in munich with 8 projections, and talked about all those changes in the air & <going digital> at the festival.

more here: 
the festival is part of the STR-Digital Archive "20 Digital Years_plus" 

best, Elisa Rose

Station Rose     digital_audio-visual art  
Elisa Rose & Gary Danner    

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