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Luca Barbeni on Sat, 17 Mar 2012 10:43:46 +0100 (CET)

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Remembrance, Insight, Imagining anew: The Turin Art Scene from the Eighties to Today
An open conference on culture and the arts.

By Francesco Bernardelli and Olga Gambari
Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art
Piazza Mafalda di Savoia
10098 Rivoli - Torino
16th - 18th March 2012
open daily 10 AM to 6 PM

Simona Lodi, artistic director of Piemonte Share, will be participating by video link on Saturday 17th March at 4 PM in "Art in Digital Culture and in the New Media Era. The Spread of New Organizational and Democratic Models."

Three days designed as an open space for delving into the past, present and future, by Francesco Bernardelli and Olga Gambari, to be held on 16th-18th March 2012 at the Castello di Rivoli.
Turin certainly has a long heritage as a city at the crossroads for new and exciting things. With the benefit of hindsight at a reasonable distance in time, the present can help us understand the past movements and events that built the contemporary artistic and cultural wealth of the local territory, so as to build a new, proactive approach to the future. Taking such an approach to the local creative scene is quite clearly a collective demand, a priority felt not only by professionals and people in the sector but by the public at large, who over the years has come to support and cherish the issues and venues of contemporary culture in Turin. Hence the goal is to recover and restore the identity of a city that produces and makes full use of its artistic, ethical and economic assets. For three days at the Castello di Rivoli, from 16th to 18th March 2012, an open conference for all comers to focus on different perspectives on the state of art in Turin since the 1980s, and understand where the future lies.

BACK TO THE FUTURE is a democratic discussion about and for the city. Open not only to professionals in the sector, it creates a space for encounter and exchange on the trends, issues, needs and models of the different art worlds and micro-systems that together have built the pluralist cultural scene of Turin, a store of energy and possibilities for the future.
The conference is organized over three days, featuring presentations and critical insights on the past, both near and far, debates, round table discussions and narrations by leading figures from the contemporary cultural scene-bringing together art, cinema, literature, theatre and music.

Press Office Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art
Silvano Bertalot - Manuela Vasco

T +39.011.9565209 - 211, F +39.011.9565231
C +39.3387865367
press {AT} castellodirivoli.org
www.castellodirivoli.org ; www.castellodirivoli.tv

Luca Barbeni
curator Piemonte Share
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