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<nettime> [propaganda] exhibit _consented ruin_


exhibit: _consented ruin_

an exhibition that could be an event due to its short duration, although enough to show on an elusive manner the state of affairs on which we find ourselves nowadays.

it is titled consented ruin because, while the architectural office fündc was erecting a building in pozuelo de alarcón, the ncc (new cultural center), a worker embedded himself to the construction site crane flaunting a banner that red that motto as a complaint of the lack of payment of his salary. the image, spread by newspapers and television, it is highly representative of the situation in which Spain is at this minute of  _consented ruin_

the main axis of the show is architecture as she is the first injured party, consenting but victim, of what surrounds us. all that goes along with architecture on this exhibition will help to see where do we find ourselves now.

with work of:

dsk (juan lesta & belén montero): _península xy. ruta x_ 2011 (premiere in valencia)

josé guedes: _sarah/tempo_ 2003

ángel rueda: _50 años en el andamio_ 2009

césar espada: _relax_ 2012 (absolute premiere)

chiara passa: _WAG's plan displacement_ 2012 (absolute premiere)

mateo maté: _actos heroicos_ 2011 (premiere in valencia)

luis montolío: _españa_ 2012

fündc: _tómbola_ 2003-en curso (absolute premiere)

nacho chueca: _ruina consentida, stress artístico-social_ 2012 (absolute premiere)

curator: nilo casares

curatorial assistance: àngela montesinos

assembly: óscar mora, salvia ferrer, césar garcía guerra, paz martín rodríguez y guillermo garcía ruiz

in collaboration with consorcio de museos de la comunidad valenciana

audiovisuals: vitelsa

opening: 20h00m/01.03.12

schedule: 10h00m-20h00m/02.03.12-03.03.12

hall goerlich from the centre del carme, valencia, españa.



copyleft (todos os direitos ao reve's) nilo casares

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