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Re: <nettime> [some clever play on the word] sex [digest: harrison x3]

Dear Flick, 
Your messages to us three reads like a manic explosion; it made me laugh. Thanks. 

Re "pseudo-feminism," I don't criticize Sarah Palin for espousing soccer moms.  Who am I to decide who is (genuinely) feminist and who isn't?  I criticize her for her political views, policies, manipulative behavior and careless abuse of facts.  In my view second wave feminism didn't integrate the mother oriented wing of late 19th and early 20th century feminism enough.    That wing has bitten us back ever since.  Yes, I identify as a feminist.  

As for the intellectual nature of sex work or whatever you want to call it, that's true enough, but have you considered that performance is to some extent or other fiction or a persona?  If a sex worker finds actual pleasure in her work, it is a bonus that s/he deserves.  Haven't you ever seen Klute?

Best wishes,

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