Vuk ÄosiÄ on Wed, 15 Feb 2012 09:52:49 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Talk to me about metaphors please

Hi all,

I wasn't exactly sleeping in these last 15 years, but posting here
again sure feels like awakening.

This morning I would like to kindly ask you to participate in the very
early stage of creating some ideas. Here goes:

# It's for an art show
I am doing a solo show on how and wether we know what future we're heading
to. More specifically, I would like to focus on who is proposing the
initial thoughts and how they turn into operative scenarios. I want to do
that in order to understand the past and present with the aim of fixing the
way we generate the future. Easy.

# That's about metaphors
Ever since we have language/society and specially in these last several
decades smart people have been discussing, exploring and exploiting
metaphors. I see them as glue and links, but that very basic component is
kinda clear and my thoughts are in another floor.

# Which are back on stage
The overall crisis being also the crisis of the fundamental narrative (as
in 'sense of direction'), I think that the moment is right for some more
groundwork with metaphors. That might easily be the one thing that art has
to contribute at this historic moment.

# So we need to look at past ones
I am hereby proposing a thought discipline called METAPHORENSICS

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