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<nettime> The Debtors' Song

Well, it's been a while since I wrote anything about the Debtors' Party, I have a few texts in mind about horizontal money, about why we should continue to use the word communism, and more about the macroeconomics of class struggle, but I thought I'd start by honouring a debt.

I promised my friend Tsvika Frosh of the Raw Men Empire that I'd write a Debtors' Song.

So here it is.

= The Debtors' Song =

My bank wants more money
They gonna take away my home
They gonna take away my home
if I don't pay my loan

My doctor wants more money
You see, I had a little spill
but they don't give the pills
if I don't pay my bills

My school wants more money
The man, he call me on the phone
They gonna call the lawyers
If I don't pay my loan

Now I may indulge some
but I didn't blow my money on the drink
never been the type to gamble,
or live life on the brink

I just did what I had to
got an education and a home
got some medication when I needed
and had the doctor set a bone

And I'm not holding back none,
I've been payin' what I can
I've done what can be done
and I still can't pay the man

- chorus -

  Now my bank wants more money
  But I ain't gonna pay.
  I ain't gonna pay,
  cuz I ain't got it anyway.

  Now my school wants more money
  But I ain't gonna pay.
  I ain't gonna pay,
  cuz I ain't got it anyway.

  Now my doctor wants more money
  But I ain't gonna pay.
  I ain't gonna pay,
  cuz I ain't got it anyway.

  There's no two ways about it,
  there's no progress to be made.
  A debt that can't be paid
  is a debt that won't be paid

  And I ain't the only one here,
  you all know what I'm going through
  wether you're a worker or student
  I know you're a debtor too.

- end chorus -

We got to get together,
we got find a way
we got to make them listen
there's no way that we can pay

Tell them creditors to back off,
show them profiteers the door,
we got to get together,
so we don't need them any more.

They say the market system,
is all so fair and free,
but there's just some things, and I can list them,
that don't add up for me.

To get an education, do you need to drown in debt?
There's a way to teach each other in a better way I bet,
and to get your medication, is this the way it's got to be?
We all need medical attention, why can't it just be free?
Whats the point of making profit on hospitals and schools?
Do we want to be surrounded by sick and angry fools?
Wouldn't everyone be better off if we all had health and skills?
There's got to be a better way, we just gotta find the will.

- repeat chorus -

Now animals deserve a habitat,
and even fish deserve the sea.
And even birds need a branch to build a nest,
so why does it gotta be,
that the people got to go to work,
got to work most every day,
and struggle just to get a home,
a place where they can stay?

Who's planet is this anyway?
How did this come to be?
That them creditors own everything,
while the rest face misery.

If we can't go and find a job,
and if we can't get that loan,
then we just can't get the things we need,
no school, no health, no home.

Them creditors got everything,
us debtors pay and pay,
we gotta put a stop to this,
we gotta find a way.

If us debtors get together,
all together, every one
we can heal, and house and teach each other
and do the work that must be done.

Them creditors, they don't help us none,
they just get in the way,
their profits are what drags us down,
we must refuse to pay.

- repeat chorus -

I'l be at Stammtisch, as usual, around 9pm. Come by! Maybe we'll have a sing-a-long!

Dmyri Kleiner
Venture Communist

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