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Re: <nettime> ACTA Act


may I offer a bit of early morning dogma:

# Something is happening, again

Surely someone wrote in these seventeen years of nettime a story of
information society domesticating the internet, removing the thorny
bits that might disrupt the status quo *too much*.

It is sincerely sad for senior participants in information society
to watch how the vision of free/open is being attacked and partly
replaced by far less primitive and obviously damaging vision of

# The internet is teaching us to think society

In order to understand this better I am reading (and thinking) texts
about eco systems and am seeing a cardinal difference between actors
who think that way and the others.

I am trying to look at our external reality as some indivisible hybrid
where the digital sphere with the structure of our communication
network has implicitly nudged the society away from the fighting
mode of the hierarchies towards a more collaborative mode of eco
systems. The nudge is of course behaving like a pendulum, so we get
counter-reformations here and there.

# We have a role

If we are in the business of understanding these processes in order to
better predict the outcomes that is great. But if these faculties can
be merged with the eagerness of the young people that we have already
inspired ten years ago, then we are looking at a sense of purpose for
us old farts.

# Your friend

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 12:37 PM, Patrice Riemens <> wrote:

> Rats! I missed 'my own' demo here in Amsterdam due to forgetfulness ...


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