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Re: <nettime> M. Mills & J. Ottino: The Coming Tech-Led Boom (Wall Street Journal) - and more!

A wonderful prognosis for continuing US imperialism backed by
irresistable military power, heirarchical wealth generation for the
top tier managers-WSJ-millionaires of business and education 
enhanced by financial concealment and reduced taxation, glorification
of youth exploitation for consumption, jobs, NGO penitence, and 
machinic warfighting, and the promise of mid-level manager-teacher-
inventor-engineer-vulture capitalist rewards for manufacturing 
hypnotic widgets to bedazzle masses of lower paids sports fans, 
blessed by home-flag-waving creed recitation required of every 
place where US bribery infects with those three supremacist
cure-all tonics. 

An exact repetition -- cloud computer generated by a student-
unmanned drone -- of the rationales for nationalism, indoctrination,
chauvinism, capitalism, marketism, militarism, and degraded, 
stratified populace undergirding every global aggression since 
the invention of royal triumphalism. 

Nary a downside, darkside, foul-side, sick-side, disease-free,
war-nowhere-in sight except in recruiting media, everything 
coming up Masterpiece Theater spic and span, rising tide
raises all boats, trickle down benefits of great ideas of the western
world, ruled by benevolent masters so fucking greedy and conceited 
they cannot grasp the hatred they breed. 

As with the invention of crypto-nationalist MSM, WSJ is a font
of pig kissing psy-op-ed.

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