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Matze Schmidt on Tue, 12 Apr 2011 13:16:39 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> n0name Blitz en. #1

When I saw the film the first time I almost got to vomit. Because all
these pans to Slavoj Žižek were like a pre-post-traumatic
pedestrian-area-expert-cut-up. Well, in _Marx Reloaded_ (in German _Sind
die Tage des Kapitalismus gezaehlt?_*) Negri and the others once again
talk only in this good arte-manner what the chief economist of the
Deutsche Bank at the other pole doesn't say. Who deems this cutting
dialectical montage produces obviously just a hipness of characters. So
this is the way how you get film subsidy, this is your aesthetic regime.
Sloterdijk, the German anti-prole, fiend of workers, bleakly is on the
list of speakers. One then concludes that the days of capitalism are
numbered, yes, that one does not want it anymore like this but
different. But this is not the matter of the film, it is the matter with
the film. Even state culture television/TV Culture d'État is allowed to
say anything, to let think anything. So this is the embracement of
revolutionary thoughts by revolutionaristic picture-talk, this is the
way of bite-sized silencing by means of silver-tongued heads.       (ms)

_Marx Reloaded_
Documentary of Jason Barker and Alexandra Weltz
We., 20.04.2011 05:00 am (in Europe)
* _Are the days of capitalism numbered?_

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