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<nettime> The research of the common. The revolt of a generation among t
claudia bernardi on Fri, 8 Apr 2011 11:26:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> The research of the common. The revolt of a generation among the two sides of Mediterranean


The rage and courage of whom took to the streets in the last months in Tunisia, of whom rejected Ben Ali's regime transformed this country into an original political  laboratory. What we are living today is the possibility to create a new Mediterranean, an extraordinary space for a radical generation that reclaim future, freedom and new democracy. The italian students that grab hold of their future above the shields of the Book Bloc meet the protagonist of the Mediterranean revolt. A chance to learn and to turn collectively the existence and draw new routes. A common compass to connect revolts!

3 p.m. Friday 8 April 2011

General Place of UGTT, Place Muhammad Ali, Tunis


Wissem Sghaier (Tunisian student involved in the revolts)

Salem Ayari, Khraifi Cherif  (Union de Diplômés Chômeurs de Tunisie)

Youad Ben Rejeb (Coordinator of the Feminist University, Tunisi)

Youssef Thili (UGET Union Générale des Etudiants de Tunisie)

Vanessa Bilancetti (Unicommon - Italy)

Other participants to the debate:Students from the Academy of Art (Wien - Austria); Ramy Sghayer (studente), Omeyya Naoufel Seddik (Federation des Tunisiens pour une Citoyennete des deux rives FTCR), Ahmed Amin Ben Saad (Action Cituayenne Tunisienne ACT); Association El taller, UGTT, Association tunisienne des femmes democratiques

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