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<nettime> Unicommon March- News from the caravan in Tunisia
claudia bernardi on Tue, 5 Apr 2011 03:57:48 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Unicommon March- News from the caravan in Tunisia

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The caravan "United for freedom" started from Tunis three days ago and
Unicommon is participating as part of the Unicommon March. The first
approach to the capitol city is marked by the huge attention from the
population and media to the war in Libya and the state of migrants in
Lampedusa, Italy. Indeed, in Italy migrants from Maghreb and Mashriq are
treated in a terrible way, living at inhuman conditions and being deported
in Centres of identification that work as jail in italian territory.
Hundreds of them escaped from the Manduria Centre: freedom and pursuit of a
better future cannot be contained! As in Italy migrants escape from
detention centers, in Tunisia self-managed groups are organizing
solidarity,  helping collecting medicines and first aid materials. 150
thousands people have been helped by them: the caravan "United fro freedom"
and Unicommon will give them all the materials we will collect, on going
with these networksto the libyan border.

The meeting with the Union UGTT has been rich of exchange and emerging
problematics, well explaining the complexity of a country that is facing a
huge transformation after the revolts. Someone underlined as this revolt is
rooted in the struggles during 60s and 70s, despite Ben Ali repression, and
the central role that women played in the revolts. There is the absolute
necessity of monitoring the constituent process of the revolution,
continuing to take to the streets to affirm the right to freedom and income,
against poverty and unemployment. [read

text about Unicommon in London::  report/videos/photos from blockades and

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book block in Netherlands :: report and videos by  Ehsancritique.com

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