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Re: <nettime> Critiquing the media shitstorm
{ brad brace } on Mon, 4 Apr 2011 03:42:17 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Critiquing the media shitstorm

.. just back from 3 months in Japan (an outlying Yaeyama
island: Hateruma) -- despite many warnings, we were not
affected by the tsunmai but the continual TV reportage of
the massive devastation was mind-boggling: houses, boats,
cars, people all just swept away... I was very impressed by
the near-instanteous 'rebound,' spirit and support of the
Japanese people: pretty sure such an inevitable event
wouldn't transpire that way in the Terror-Land...


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Your (Art)world is based on mutual relief at your common
corruption. Maybe some cultures are based on even worse. But
that wouldn't change the bad faith of it and as years go by,
you wake at night in terror of your whole life being an act
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more, where every human interaction is driven by a silent,
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try to build a bridge of good faith, because even that
effort becomes suspect, even good faith is nothing but
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You cannot politically defy the institutions when all you
really wanted was to be clasped to their bosoms and hope in
time to be cherished under the very framework of oppressive
values you are thinking of overcoming. That would be
co-optation, revolution only in the sense of a circulation
of elites rather than the extirpation of the very impulses
of elitism.

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