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<nettime> Japan – Fissures in the Planetary Apparatus
Stevphen Shukaitis on Fri, 1 Apr 2011 20:15:21 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Japan – Fissures in the Planetary Apparatus

*Japan ? Fissures in the Planetary Apparatus*

While we are observing the new impetus of global uprising against 
capitalism and the state, the catastrophic situation is arising in 
Japan. Triggered by the earthquake and tsunami of maximal scale, 
Northeastern part of Honshu has been devastated by the increasing number 
of losses and refugees, and the worsening nuclear disaster. The activity 
of the planet has shown not only its unequivocal nonhuman force but also 
the degree in which our societies and their apparatuses forged by 
capitalism are relying on, merging with, implicated in and expanding 
over the planet in an extremely ominous manner. What the so-called 
natural disaster is showing on this occasion is nothing but the 
implication of the apparatus in the environment and its fatal effects.

In this situation, we intend to translate, quote and analyze as much 
information as possible from Japanese into English, and translate your 
encouragements, comments, suggestions, analysis, proposals and anything 
written in English into Japanese for the vantage point of the people 
struggling there and everywhere.

At the moment in Japan, the government is trying to make the situation 
look as normal as possible, by veiling crucial information on the degree 
of radiation and the calamitous condition of the reactors. This menacing 
situation notwithstanding, it does not show any intension to terminate 
its pro-nuclear power policy. In accordance with the benefit of TEPCO 
(The Tokyo Electric Power Co), it is instigating temporal blackout in 
large areas outside central Tokyo, as if sending the message to the 
people: ?no nuclear power, no electricity.? It also makes tremendous 
efforts to isolate and contain the stricken areas and the increasing 
number of refugees, by mobilizing massive number of the Self Defense 
Forces, mainly for driving the business as usual of the capitalist 
operations. Meanwhile the media is seeking to reproduce the image of a 
society without dissent by orchestrating the campaign to ?Save Japan in 
Unity.? Some proxy intellectuals are inflaming patriotism even by 
awakening the nationalist sentiment from the fascist regime of the past.

Nonetheless, as the contamination worsens and expands, resident 
foreigners have begun to leave Japan, and some Japanese who are able to 
have begun their exodus to the west. The agony, anger and angst of the 
people, especially those who have to sustain their livelihood in Tokyo 
and northward therefrom, are unimaginable. It is a reminder of the 
stories from the Cyber Punk era in terms of dystopia finally realized.

Meanwhile activists of anti-authoritarian vein are striving to begin 
various campaigns: a call for de-nuke general strike, a new anti-nuclear 
movement, protests against the government and TEPCO, establishment of 
refugees? communes in metropolis such as Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, and 
sending the ?People Rescue Troops? to the stricken north. A mass 
mobilization is yet to be seen.

 Facing the imminent possibility of catastrophe, the people are also 
expecting a long long term struggle, for survival and break-out of the 
pro-nuclear governance. Taking into consideration the situation in 
Japan, we find it necessary to establish a global network to create a 
current of both resources and persons in and out of Japan, accursed and 
confined archipelago. To begin with, we are preparing a place for 
exchanging critical voices from there and elsewhere, to find a way out 
of the dystopian cul-de-sac, and create a path to undo and reorient the 
course of the world whose worst effects are manifest there at the moment.

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