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<nettime> LPM Live Performers Meeting (May 2011 in Rome, September 2011 in Minsk)

hello everyone,

we at Art is Open Source and FakePress will be coordinating the Sensible Data section of the next two editions of LPM ( http://www.liveperformersmeeting.net/ ), in Rome in May 2011, and in Minsk in September 2011.

Find below, at the bottom of the message, a complete call for action!

LPM this year invites artists working with live media on the ideas of generative arts, gender imaginaries, live cinema, realtime data and critical practices, 3D stereoscopic live video, urban interventions, video projection mapping and VJing.

about the Sensible Data section:
"Our lives, our forms of _expression_, the things we buy, our relationships and the things we learn, communicate and share are progressively (if not totally) changing into digital data that is transmitted over digital networks. Open access to data and information, and the possibility to determine how our information is shared and used are key factors to defend our freedoms and rights. Contemporary Visual cultures transform the fundamental role of data in our lives into new paradigms for aesthetics and interactivity, often poetically merging activism and beauty: database aesthetics, visuals produced using enormous sets of public/private data found on digital networks are only two of the forms of artistic _expression_ that over time have produced wonderful sensorial experiences that have been able to both inform and activate the consciences of people worldwide."

For this we invite everyone working on realtime data, infoaesthetic visualizations, critical practices, hacking, tactical media, open data and live media to join us to start exploring the liberating power of realtime, accessible, open information!

more info below. check the websites for more. contact me for even more. :)


Here's the call for artists:

Here's LPM project:

Here's LPM 2011 concept:

- Websites

Here you can find everything you need to promote the event:

Here you can find the embed code to add banners to your website. If
you need different formats, feel free to ask me:
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