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Re: <nettime> How a Library Saved My Life. - what can be done in regard to an unsustainable system of student loans

Let me clarify,

So you said, "this statement is a pledge for feudalism each class should
know it pleasures and limits." I might sound radical in this first
paragraph, but the condition we are talking about require me to do so.

Yes and no, for we do already live in a type of neo-feudal system, ok. And
people have been lurked into even worse conditions by promising them all of
this nonsense through loans, where they really believed they could afford
it. No they could not. In this system, degenerate mutation of neo-feudal
harsh hard core capitalist regime, no they couldn't. The responsibility
lies, mainly, in within the system, the power structure, economic ones, who
used it to gain wealth for their own benefits, regardless of the
consequences we see today. In this regard, I would continue, Population can
be manipulated, as we in the US know quite well, in pretty much whatever
the power structure wants them to believe in.
Also, I have to put in the equation personal ignorance, i.e., one person
not being able to comprehend that he/she could not afford something that if
they used just a bit of a reasonable approach, mathematics, my salary is
this much, I pay for my car this much, etc., doing this one could see that
they couldn't afford it.  But how one can create a reasonable choice when
the information the person would use to create that reasonable choice is
totally unreasonable to begin with.
Maybe, I also shouldn't have put it in rather vague terms (not sure, if
so), "Rather, It should be a part of a broader restructuring of the
society." The problem in what I wrote is that I put out of the equation the
statement, "in the realm of this system, as it is here, now, in the US,
which is, in itself the number one problem."
Now, I wrote, "People should be taught to live in within their economical
means." Yes, they should be taught. Not by the stick and carrots, but I
believe that society can be organized in a quite more responsible way than
what I see here in the US. Buying house one cannot afford is not about
feudalism, wasting resources to just cool all those mansions that even, so
called, middle class in the America enjoys, at the end, economically, in
the system such as this, the US, people, government, whole structure of the
society cannot afford.  It is called the reason in within the limits of the
What I head in my mind is to make people aware of the limited amount of
resources that we, here in the west, especially, in the US, have built upon
our luxuries. Why I put Scandinavian example? Well I was in Sweden, and
notice that people do live there in within means they can afford, and still
it is capitalism, which I am not celebrating by any mean whatsoever, but
rather I am putting here as an alternative approach to be, at this moment
in within the the boundaries of this, US, system.
Again, I assumed, when was writing it, that we have to approach this
overall problem, rather step by step, again, within the the boundaries of
this system.  As I can comprehend, and maybe I do not see it that well, to
begin well, I just don't beleive in any broad change any time soon, though
would be so happy to be proved wrong, OK.
Paradoxically, whenever I mention Sweden to many of my countrymen in the
US, ( I feel mentioning Sweden today can imply negative response to this
writing due to this charade with Assange) I am told, "but you are talking
about socialism, they have socialism, right?" One can see in this last
sentence, I just wrote, the true degenerate nature of comprehension that
this system, in the US, built upon its own citizenry. 
Let me conclude with this, 

Some of real solutions I can see are to be found in what is called a
resources / community-aware driven society, i.e., to live and share in
within the means of the natural resources that surround us, nothing about
feudalism, but don't have anything to do with capitalism/libertarianism
either, of which I had in mind when I was writing the first response.
Unfortunately I don't believe, as of this moment, that the US power
structure will allow any significant development in this direction.

I hope this put some clarification.

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> enjoyable your ideas
> as social thinking seems often to be non-existent these years
> though this statement is a pledge for feudalism
> each class should know it pleasures and limits

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