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Re: <nettime> Twitter does not cause revolution, people do

> Maybe we really should ask Arabic people to write a book and translate it for
> us, so to help us
> to learn how to CHANGE things.

Perhaps relevant to this discussion is the following BBC article:



Gene Sharp: Author of the nonviolent revolution rulebook
By Ruaridh Arrow 
In an old townhouse in East Boston an elderly stooped man is tending rare
orchids in his shabby office. His Labrador Sally lies on the floor between
stacks of academic papers watching him as he shuffles past.
This is Dr Gene Sharp the man now credited with the strategy behind the
toppling of the Egyptian government.
Gene Sharp is the world's foremost expert on non-violent revolution. His
work has been translated into more than 30 languages, his books slipped
across borders and hidden from secret policemen all over the world.


Sorry kids, not Marx nor Lenin, but Gene Sharp.

And sorry Mark, looks like the book continues to live on, even in its
outdated, heavy, nonsexy existence, as some kind of anchor of FORMAL CAUSE
(does it always needs to be in CAPS? -- just curious).

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