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 Meeting in London: the Italian movement and the coming European
seminar will start at 6pm, on Wednesday 23 February 2011, in the Lecture
Theatre, Courtauld Institute, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 0RN,
United Kingdom. This seminar is free.

The life on Mars - Really Free School in
This is one of the most interesting political experiment now in London!
After the anti-cuts struggles of the Autumn a group of people with different
background and age decided to occupy a place in the centre of London, near
to important universities as UCL, Birbeck, SOAS, and to set there a free
school: The Really Free School.

 Fight Back! A reader on the winter of
'Fight Back! A reader on the winter of protest' features the best writing on
the British uprising against fees and cuts. Available as a free e-book! In
November, opposition to the Government?s cuts burst into direct action as
students stormed the Tory Party HQ in Millbank. A month later, Parliament
Square itself was occupied as 30,000 marched on legislators while the police
protected the House of Commons, and later brutally ?kettled? many of the
young demonstrators.

Squatters move into Guy Ritchie's ?6m house ... to set up a free

A GROUP of squatters has taken over a ?6 million central London house
belonging to film directorGuy Ritchie. At least 12 people have occupied the
large Grade I listed property in Fitzroviaand claim they now plan to convert
the building into a free school. The collective known as the Really Free
School entered Mr Ritchie's property over the weekend. The police were
called but the squatters refused to leave. They have now placed large
banners in the front windows that say "strike", "resist" and "occupy".

England - New fronts in the fight for
Walk out for education - Thursday 24th February: Day X4 - Today?s papers
have been full of reports that Oxford and Cambridge are set to charge the
maximum ?9,000 tuition fees and speculation that other universities could
soon follow suit. An education from a top university could soon cost over
?30,000 in fees alone.<>

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