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<nettime> Hello from Hateruma Island (Japan); fourth excerpt

 I like listening in the morning to the weak radio signals
drift in-and-out while watching the pre-program TV train
montages... up too early (2 a.m.) and made a nice big pot of
rice, miso, doshi, seaweed, dried chilis, chopped
vegetables; expect more rain with forecast high of 69F...
such a (political? (out of business in 2008) shame that the
Arimura ferry no longer goes to Taiwan from Ishigaki... just
now an email message from Sizzle! <xxxxx@nifty.com>: I _did
miss her performance... took apart and cleaned the clipper
head with a small screwdriver/plier tool and it works much
better now :)... probably spending too much time on this
second disk from the childrens' concert that really had too
much wind noise but some nice moments with my patented
reverse mic techinque (pointing in the opposite direction,
the target sound source is effectively flattened and
relegated to the background so incidentals flourish...) but
it's sounding rather blustery outside anyway just now; ok,
T-shirt (not quite dry; neither are my shoes from yesterday)
and pinhole inside... solid blowing layers of grey clouds
overhead... calls for a cup of warm sake... may just be
recording the rain today is this why Mae-san was up applying
waterproofing compound to the roofs of various units the day
before (maybe I should operate a guesthouse somewhere)...
ok, the recorder's out (I need some sort of affordable,
effective strong wind-baffle or perhaps a pop screen would
help?); the daily morning tune has begun as has the Tapan
soap (all those grilling/quivering fish-flakes in the intro
are just like the collective hand-gestures in the Oki-TV
dance)... I wonder if there's a better/good gap between
Japanese written (symbolic, as opposed to phonetic)  and
thought-spoken language, thus perhaps explaining their
reverence for the written-word (and art)... oh dear, it's
pretty difficult to fake playing musical instruments isn't
it?/ the main young character apparently aspires to be a
trumpet player... embouchure as kanjii... and I think to
myself what a wonderful world... Tapan seemed to be
pre-empted by the winter snowstorm news, so I'll finish-off
the remaining 8 minutes of this disk... nah, I'll just
switch disks as this one runs-out... [dear emypre, rhizome,
island-studies, net-behaviour et al mailing-lists: I realize
you'll never not block these relayed posts but that's ok as
I trash 99% of _your insipid institutional-careerist driven
complicit pronouncements; I do my part bumpkins; you've
learned nothing: time's long overdue...] wrote a couple more
postcards, clipped my fingernails and ate some peanuts...
well, down to Nishi (a few hardy souls from the mainland no
doubt) and substantial wave action in the harbour...
contemplated the towel/sugar packages again... walked home:
no rain but threatening in the American-way; bought RH in NY
a minuscule pack of Hope cigarettes (Y220; it might be
interesting to collect additional interesting packages
especially recalling the Bangladeshi brand that featured the
owner's portrait on each cig... [see GIP Island 4.0]), to be
sent in a monetary-gift envelope but without any postage or
return address; we'll see if Hope is enough; despite some
very impressive, under-appreciated early work (maybe too
much persona but easy to overlook), Robert routinely
discounts everyone butt himself no different than the
refuted Artworld cul-de-sac ... bought another bottle of
sake (Y1600; not much else to do) from the sisters' store
and feel badly that I can't understand more than a few words
at best of what she's earnestly trying to tell me (she ran
back from sweeping leaves off the street and chatting with
the passing cafe-owner despite my protestations)... for some
reason the post office is closed today (even though I saw
the mail being picked-up: Friday Feb 11)... what am I
missing?... oh, oh oh it's National Foundation Day (?? maybe
that was it... will there be a local event?)... the eagles'
hotel-california song (weirdly heard globally all the time:
maybe it's the comfy-chorded part about 'never leaving...')
is now on TV (with Japanese subtitles), you know now to let
them love you... had another pot of rice, left the free heat
on (22C) mostly to dry my shoes, Okinawan sanshin dance on
TV, wind still blowing... Mae-san and wife were putting up
corrugated iron sheets between the units (wasn't sure how/if
to help; easy to envision sculpture made from this and a
heavier variant of the omnipresent, elegant clothes-drying
racks outside)... bought still more food: baby cheeses
(Y180, very nice/mild, tiny silver foil rectangles with red
printing; think I was craving calcium), big bright yellow,
toasted, crispy, vaguely fishy discs (Y220; most snacks are
tidily arranged in a secondary, light plastic trays),
half-pint of milk (Y100 for coffee/calcium), tin of sardines
(Y130; with the Okinawan noodles)  there are various white
(I suppose, western) popular bread products and even peanut
butter in the stores, and while I didn't give them a second
glance at first, the texture of toast is becoming
appealing... I'll need to ask for a toaster-oven watched
some young boys playing their idea of baseball (safe plastic
bat and ball,) in the informal lot behind the sisters' store
(where I first witnessed the weird local golf game): no
conflict at any time, nor any sashimi anywhere today for me:
rather miserable and cold; couldn't be much happening at the
observatory either... receipts make great souvenirs and I
like using the free handmade newspaper-bags at the main
shop... time for the pinhole! very cold (sa-m-u-i) and windy
(ka-ze) this morning (4m seas), may have to revert to
tights; editing a 'utaki' disc [u11311-6: maybe add a little
weight to the R channel]: these are going to be very good
indeed: long, introspective, mystical... would make a nice
10-CDR box-set (three utakis: 6, 3, 3 disks)... perhaps a
few sanshin notes at the beginning of each... received
guesthouse reservation confirmation for Mar 28-30 in
Ishigaki [Guest house Rakutenya: ANNEX HOUSE SECOND FLOOR
2nd room http://www3.big.or.jp/~erm8p3gi/vew2/b9.html
Y3000/night; cheaper and better than what the travel agent
reserved]... now editing [u11311-5]... there are decks of
playing cards for sale, I wonder if they're any
different:... there are Hanafuda & Kabufuda playing cards
but somehow I don't think that's what's in the shops...
Hanafuda is a Japanese card game evolved from Western-style
playing cards introduced by the Dutch in the 16th century
and a Heian period court pastime called Kacho-awase
(literally meaning "matching birds and flowers") Hanafuda
consists of 12 suits of four cards each. Each of the 12
suits is represented by trees, shrubs, or flowers, each
corresponding to a particular month of the year. (cards with
plum trees represent Feb, cherry blossoms Mar, wisteria Apr,
paulownia Dec etc). The objective of the game is to collect
as many cards or as many points (each card is assigned a
point) as possible by matching suits. Hanafuda is more of a
backroom gambling game than a family entertainment and, for
this reason or not, it's rarely played these days... down to
Nishi and the port; still no rain but cold... took some
photos of Japanese outdoor clothes dryers/hangers most
everyone has this one style -- maybe use outlines of them
behind some GIP pages they're almost a schematic for the
typical red clay roof house here (a common-culture structure
such as the Belizean outdoor grill [see Island 1.0]... went
to pick-up the old Japanese Coke bottle at Utaki #2 but it
was gone... took some shots of the incense holders perhaps
for the cover of the 10-CDR box set... editing [u1311-4;
some of the very few edits may need to be 'evened-out']...
need to amend the Shoutcast stream URL but don't have the
passwd with me... also need to add an expansion bay drive
(or perhaps just swap-out a larger internal drive) in the
Pismo radio-station [bbs:brad brace sound] especially for
more of these longer LP4 mp3s... <>

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that wouldn't change the bad faith of it and as years go by,
you wake at night in terror of your whole life being an act
of bad faith, where everything is self-interest and nothing
more, where every human interaction is driven by a silent,
even subconscious calculation of some ulterior motive, to
the point that a sea of bad faith has taken over your whole
life, there's no small island left from which you can even
try to build a bridge of good faith, because even that
effort becomes suspect, even good faith is nothing but
self-interested, even altruism is nothing but solipsistic,
even your professed agonizing right here right now is
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