Goran Maric on Tue, 8 Feb 2011 19:19:08 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> A DIY Data Manifesto by Scott Gilbertson

Thank you, Dan,
this is where I see the value and importance of nettime.  Here people can share intelligent ideas, 
argue intelligently, and above all, post links where like minded people can engage in struggles for 
common good.  
Re: Facebook and Twitter, whatever can be utilized in reaching these goals should be utilized.  
We live in the "info" world, and not to utilize it would be unfortunate waste of opportunities.
But also, we never should for a one bit of moment forget about the fact that every, and each government, 
once it feels threaten in whatever way, will do whatever is in its power to subdue these perceived threats.
"FBI Raids Queens Home in G20 Protest Twitter Crackdown
... That's right, a Twitter crackdown. A lawyer for Jackson Heights social worker Elliot Madison, 41, 
says that the feds searched his client's house for 16 hours on Thursday after Madison was arrested 
on September 24th at a Pittsburgh hotel room with another man. What were they up to? Sitting at 
laptops sending Twitter messages advising G20 demonstrators about riot police activity in the streets. 
Also as we discuss alternatives, we, especially from the US, of course with the help of others around,
have to do whatever is in our power to expose what the US is actually all about. 
"Video: Eardrum-Blasting Sound Cannon Coming to a Protest Near You?
Have you seen this intense outtake from Children of Men, showing riot police blasting "fugees" 
with some sort of horrible "sound cannon"? Oh, actually, this isn't from a fictional movie about 
a dystopian police state; it's from last week in Pittsburgh, where G20 protesters had dared assemble 
without a permit from the government. For that, they were dispersed with the Long Range Acoustic 
Device (LRAD), which some fear is loud enough to damage eardrums and even cause fatal aneurysms.
I am not trying to move our attention from the present happening in Egypt, but, let us not
forget, ever, where is the root and the real problem coming from.  This demystification
of the US as the beacon of Democracy has to be main goal, in the same fashion as when 
Stalin?s ?workers country? was demystified.
This must be a concurrent action, and never left out of sight.
Dan, again, Excellent links!!!
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> the internet shutdown in egypt prompted similar questions about
> independent infrastructure and corporate control.

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