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<nettime> transmediale.11 BODY : RESPONSE conference on Sat and Sun

Hello Nettimers,

transmediale.11 RESPONSE : ABILITY is running and it's a very poetic, 
interactive and fluid festival with a great audience.
Thanks to all.
Until Sunday 6 Feb 2011 the festival will further discuss the importance 
of the most powerful technology we have: ourselves!

After exploring and testing different notions of liveness, connectivity 
and presence in absence as one of the fundamental social condition of 
our times, on Sat and Sun (5-6 Feb) the BODY :RESPONSE conference will 
focus on the virtual dimension of our bodies and social identities:

*The Right To Exit
Sat 5 Feb, 11:00 K1
What are the subversive strategies for us being part of the social 
network ideology?*

Les Liens Invisible (it), Alessandro Ludovico (it), Paolo Cirio (it), 
Nathaniel Stern (us), Scott Kildall (us), Jens Best (de),
Moderation: Daphne Dragona (gr)

Access Denied - DIYourself
Sat 5 Feb, 14:00 Auditorium
How does technology transform and offer new strategies to undergo the 
genderspecific and biopolitical definition of our bodies?*

Carolyn Guertin (ca), Stefanie Wuschitz (at), Franca Formenti / Biodoll (it)
Moderation: Verena Kuni (de)

*Life at Work - Bioeconomy and the Crisis of Cognitve Capitalism
If the virtual dimension of our bodies, our identity, communication, 
emotional and affective interrelation becomes a ressource, a social 
capital, what are the poetic, artistic and politicl strategies to resists?*

Franco Berardi (it), Maurizio Lazzarato (it)
Moderation: Matteo Pasquinelli (it)


Of course there are also ongoing performances, open zone discussions, 
film&video programmes and hacktivist interventions.
More informations at

programme manager / research
transmediale.11 |  1 - 6 feb 2011
festival for art and digital culture berlin

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