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Re: <nettime> Hernando de Soto: Egypt's Economic Apartheid (WSJ)

In this same vein, some may also be interested in an empirical study  
by Di Tella and others, about the implications of Peru's titling  
program on the worldview of those who were granted title.

In their words, "Lucky squatters who end up with legal titles report  
beliefs closer to those that favor the workings of a free market.  
Examples include materialist and individualist beliefs (such as the  
belief that money is important for happiness or the belief that one  
can be successful without the support of a large group). The effects  
appear large."

Di Tella, Rafael, Sebastian F. Galiani, and Ernesto S. Schargrodsky.  
"The Formation of Beliefs: Evidence from the Allocation of Land Titles  
to Squatters." Quarterly Journal of Economics 122, no. 1 (February  

On Feb 4, 2011, at 7:40 PM, Angela Mitropoulos wrote:

> De Soto's neoliberal prescriptions of formal legal title as a means of
> 'economic development' have been put to work in Peru, and more  
> recently
> in Australia (by way of Noel Pearson's rather more normative version  > of
> de Soto's celebration of formal property titling, and as it has
> inflected the Northern Territory Intervention).

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