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Re: <nettime> If you want to solve the real problems---unlearn the baloney

Dear Keith and EVERYBODY within my writing's reach,

Globalization and FREE MARKETS will do absolutely NOTHING for poor
people. Why the intelligent people of this world cannot see that
this stuff was sold to them, I will never know. Do you all realize
that MARX was all in favor of free markets? Do you know why? Not
because he believed that free market philosophy would produce any kind
of benefit for the workers or the poor BUT BECAUSE HE KNEW FOR AN
==========>>>>>>>>BROADSCALE POVERTY AND MISERY<<<<<<<<<<===========
that workers would be bound to rebel.

It is clear to me that people around the world have lost the
ability for critical thinking. It is equally clear that many of the
people RUNNING the various countries of the western world have been
thoroughly coopted.

All of you need to stop worshipping the market. It does not work the
way that economists want you to believe. Actually, they know that
Ricardo's theories (the Brazilian father of what passes for free
trade THEORY) were intended for AGRARIAN economies with little cross
boundary movement of capital and a variety of other conditions that
simply don't exist right now.

Why why do you all sit there quoting stuff from the economist about
a THEORY (the free market) that has yet to prove out positively for
the average person? Free market policies, LISTEN CAREFULLY, have been
tried time and time least 3 times in the 20th Century with
the same abyssmal results of too much wealth concentrated in too few
hands, real wage stagnation for the people who aren't banksters or
bankster affiliated and poverty or near poverty for everybody else.

we can accept that the test of the hypothesis proved that it is
INCORRECT? Free markets do not result in a better distribution of
goods, more efficiencies or more prosperity. They result in any one
that is not a banker or in financial fields being miserable. PERIOD.

Look at the USA's history. The smaller the government, the more
that the markets were protected through tariffs (EXCEPT inside
the colonies) , the more prosperous the people became. The more
"free-market" and liberal trade policies are, the more weapons and
defense structures have to be built to protect trade and the more
miserable that the people are.

If you don't believe me, go do some research on tariffs, taxation and 
the people's situation.                                               

This man from Peru has a point. Their situation is NOT BETTER NOW.
I was in Peru before the free trade pacts and they had too much
wealth concentrated in too few hands domestically. This created a big
gulf between the well-to-do and the poor, but most people had food,
clothing and shelter. The people living in the streets were mostly
people from the mountains who left after the haciendas were liberated.
They left because they had forgotten how to function as independent
farmers. Now, you have more broadscale poverty in Peru because their
money is leaving the country and going to banksters outside the

The countries that DID not sign "free trade" pacts with the US have
actually been raising their people's living standards. You all need
to read that Economic Hitman book again as well as gaining more
information on economics that doesn't come from the idiots that
worship Ayn Rand...BTW, do you realize that Ayn Rand was a textbook

That's right. The woman worshipped by Alan Greenspan and the nuts in
the Tea Party is a SOCIOPATH. She modelled her HEROES after a serial
killer of the 1920s named William Hickman that she was infatuated
with. Her economic ideas came from the Rothschild that she was
sleeping with.

Wake up people.


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