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Re: <nettime> Two recent blog posts: Google-Art & Egypt

Hi, Goran -

I am fortunate in having been to 13 of the 17 museums that
participated in the Google Art Project--several of them more time
than I can count. It's precisely those experiences that provoked the
comments I made. And so I definitely agree with you that:

> One and above all, the real time experience, physical face to
> face interaction with any art work, will never be replaced by any
> reproduction of the that experience, unless this reproduction in
> itself is an artwork. It is an unfortunate reality of art. Many
> artworks, discussions, writings have been done in this regard. I
> believe that recreating a 3D is done in that regard to make it
> accessible as much as possible though an indirect contact to an
> artwork.

More importantly, your comments on Egypt are apt. I think it feels
a bit unhappily ironic to see the American government calling for
democracy in Egypt, after 30+ years of supporting the opposite. This
is sadly consistent with US foreign policy, which has for the last
century or more supported dictatorships only (at the right moment) to
attempt to switch sides.

So bringing the two issues together: it now seems a missed opportunity
that Google did not include the Egyptian Museum in Cairo as part of
its art project. Thus we might have been able to digitally combine--a
mash-up, you might say--the imagines of the present fight for freedom
with our aesthetic glorification of regimes past.


Sascha D. Freudenheim
Doubt is humanity's best friend.

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