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<nettime> Julian Assange: the Forbes cover story & interview

Unfortunately not the whole thing here, but the link-to, from

2010-11-29: Julian Assange: The Forbes interview
Submitted by admin on Tue, 11/30/2010 - 05:38

In a wide-ranging interview and cover story for Forbes magazine done
earlier this month, Julian Assange discusses the work of WikiLeaks, the
"ecosystem of corruption," whistleblowing versus secrecy, previous private
sector disclosures, IMMI-style initiatives, and WikiLeaks' next target: an
unnamed major US bank, with revelations to rival the infamous Enron

?It will give a true and representative insight into how banks behave at
the executive level in a way that will stimulate investigations and
reforms, I presume,? he tells Andy Greenberg.


The Forbes site does not - as far as I could see - provide for a 'print'
option, forcing you to go thru 7 pages of text, which also might suddenly
disappear into a '404' if the server thinks you've been too long at it -
you bastard freeloader...

Yet if someone would find the time to c+p the whole thing (URLs below) and
post it to the list, that would be great. is run by Wklks supporters and has all refs to media
publications on Wklks, with some running commentary as well.

Cheers, patrizio & Diiiinooos!

cover story:


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