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<nettime> COMMON resistance, independence, exodus is online!.

the website of common journal is now online!

Common |Resistance |Independence |Exodus

Common -resistance, independence, exodus- is a political inquiry journal 
that is born during the crisis, during the global tsunami. We have set this 
journal as a dispositive to investigate the present time in the framework 
of the economic crisis that we are experiencing, looking for some 
directions of political action, measuring a new temporality and discovering 
the mutations of behaviour and imagery. The journal forces us or, as you 
prefer, facilitate us to think collectively about the phase; identifying 
the common feature of the time we are living in, looking for a sense that 
enables us to understand the contingency, using it as a effective compass 
for the political action.

The field of education, the process of impoverishment in terms of 
perspective and future for the young generation, are the research fields 
for the debut of Common. In the epoch of cognitive capitalism, in an 
apparent paradox, it seems that the governance of the productive forces 
passes through a sort of war on knowledge. Starting from inquiring the 
biggest student movement in Italy and Europe since 1968, this issue is an 
attempt to analyze the new political anthropology within the temporality of 
the movement, its discontinuity and challenges.

ÂIn the backgroundÂ, Âin figura and Âlines of flight are the three main 
sections that compose Common. The methodology of inquiry, the themes 
treated in this issue, such as institutions, self-education and common, are 
dispositive to strengthen our resistance, to organize our independence, to 
defend our exodus.

Editorial collective:

Marco Bascetta, Claudia Bernardi, Francesco Brancaccio, Paolo Do, Serena 
Fredda, Fabio Gianfrancesco, Augusto Illuminati, Federico Marini, Antonio 
Negri, Isabella Pinto, Francesco Raparelli, Judith Revel, Tania Rispoli, 
Benedetto Vecchi, Giuliana Visco


Table of contents:

Editorial:  making inquiry within the crisis


In the background

Toni Negri: Corruption, new accumulation, refeudalization
Antonio Conti: the crisis and the general intellect
Marco Bascetta: reactionary philosophy

Alberto De Nicola: the triumph of the brain
Carlo Vercellone: models of welfare and social services in the systemic 
crisis of the cognitive capitalism


In figura

Isabella Pinto, Tania Rispoli: Who values whom? Merit and cooperative 
Ugo Mattei (interviewed by Francesco Brancaccio): the university beyond 
public and private
Marco Baravalle: the Wave in the factory of the culture
Bartleby: experiments of self-education
Francesco Brancaccio: Self-education as prefiguration of an institution to 

Chiara Bastianoni, Vanessa Bilancetti, Serena Fredda, Tiziano Trobia 
(edited by): medium waves
Luca Cafagna, Fabio Gianfrancesco, Giuliana Visco (edited by): the shape of 
Morgan Adamson: the financialization of student life

Claudia Bernardi, Paolo Do: Europe sauvage
Alberto De Nicola, Francesco Raparelli: after the backwash

lines of flight

Serena Fredda, Viola Mordenti: lexicon â difference
Girolamo De Michele: Festina lente
Infosex: becoming whore
Augusto Illuminati: about tyrant, corruption and more

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