Patrice Riemens on Sun, 14 Nov 2010 13:19:28 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Steve Coll: Leaks (The New Yorker)

> Il 11/11/2010 22:42, John Young ha scritto:
>> One might suspect Wikileaks is laughing its ass off at the high-value
>> conceit of supporters and detractors who are out to advance their
>> own initiatives under guise of pondering the Wikileaks each has
>> confected for that purpose -- and avoiding the high-risk of taking
>> on a true threat to authoritatives.
> or maybe not
> sadly there's a confined discussion around wikileaks and none about war
> crimes emerging from primary sources as army's official communications

Waiting for Wikileaks to 'disclose and expose' war crimes to start
this discussion appears to me to be singularly unhelpful, and that in
many respects. Wikileaks simply bridges the gap between what we had
every good reasons to believe - and has been quite well documented
elsewhere, if not to such an (alas basically indigestible) extent -
and what we now know for fact. I don't consider this a giant leap

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