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Re: <nettime> Stuxnet malware is 'weapon' out to destroy ... Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant? The Christian Science Monitor

A thrilling story, a perfect storm for the cyber war storm chasers and

Odd that Russia is not named, along with the other usual suspects, the US
and Israel, as a likely producer of the weapon of industrial destruction.
Suspected distributor, yes, but not the maker.

Somewhere a genius reverse engineer is working on a classified at birth
answer to this titillating threat. Meanwhile we get the unclassified versions
along with dramatic ruminations, lab rats phantasms.

No way to know if any of this true as befitting the most powerful threats
delivered by weapons of media consumption.

Not a single proof offered for the direity. A perfect metaphysical argument
for whatever stimulates fear and trembling and their hideously expensive

Now, a really horrific industrial meltdown, WMD laboratory blow-up, urban
incineration, might validate the admittedly hyperbole of potential
deviousness by wee thumbdrives of sneakernet -- which will have to
be confiscated at choke- and checkpoints growing innumerably.

Inventions for body cavity probes pouring out of garages, hot damn,
to wind farm the hurricane of mandatory raping and buggery. Imagine
a series of skirts for assay of privates arrayed at check-in of every
public facility, penetrations by the dozen every day, a perfect Genet

Sorry, this meanders, but you see: alarms arouse the snoring
pineal gland into revenge for being disturbed.

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