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<nettime> Jean Luc Godard and downloads



âDownloading is a citizenâs right,â Mr. Climent said. âEven if there is
only a small chance, there is a chance that a favorable judgment could
change the laws across Europe.â

Mr. Godard has yet to comment publicly on Mr. Climentâs case, but he
laid out the rationale for his opposition to French copyright rules in a
recent interview with the cultural magazine Les Inrockuptibles, in which
he declared: âThere is no such thing as intellectual property.â

âCopyright really isnât feasible,â Mr. Godard said. âAn author has no
rights. I have no rights. I have only duties.â

Mr. Godard could not be reached, but an associate, who insisted on
anonymity because the director had not authorized him to speak,
confirmed the donation. Mr. Godard, the associate said, wanted to make a
âsymbolicâ gesture to draw attention to what he described as Mr.
Climentâs plight.

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