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Re: <nettime> .another internet is possible!_

On 2010-05-02, at 05:03 , Heiko Recktenwald wrote:

> Replacing one nonsense with the other. Do you really think Facebook
> knows something about you? Are you your facebook "identity"?

This should also be strongly countered with the argument that not only do your own networks know all about you - in terms of your time-of-day activities, your friend networks, any info you willingly post, etc... but consider your "secondary profile" which can be gathered without your knowledge.

How unlikely is it that google, for instance, can build a pretty reliable profile of you by combining a history of internet searches linked to your IP address, google ads you've clicked from that same ip, or even google ads that have been displayed on a browser with your ip (or a cookie if your address is dynamic or shielded) - ads that are related to the content of sites you visit, and therefore can be considered info about you.

And much more alarmingly, what about all your friends and professional colleagues who use gmail accounts?  What possible reason would prevent google from storing all your messages TO gmail accounts in a database linked to your email address, and, if possible, connected to that other profile?  What about text or video chats with users on those services?  What about all your clicks on youtube?

When you access their services in these ways, there's no privacy agreement or terms-of-service.

I've thought about appending this to all my emails, mostly for a laugh and to destabilize uneducated readers:

"By accepting this message, your email service provider (ESP) agrees to the following:  No data-analysis or content-related advertising may be generated from anything in this correspondence.  By breaching this agreement, any ESP hereby relinquishes to me all their property and chattels.  No exceptions unless explicit in writing."

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