Goran Maric on Sat, 29 May 2010 12:49:22 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> The Artist is Present

Hello, Michael, 

this is really an excellent observation. You did it in few paragraphs,
yet quite to the point. I am an artist living in the US, Midwestern
part of the US. I have noticed thatthere seem to be some type of self
censorship among artists. It appears that the ideas of institutional
critique is praised in within academia, yet somehow in the same
academic environment, when this institutional critique is to be
addressed directly though visual means, visual arts, the sharpness of
the sword of the very same critique is taken away by utilizinga set
of sophisticated philosophies/justifications. The regime, or rather
the power structure, the wealth holders in within the US in regard to
visual arts are controlling everything through a very sophisticated
net of educational institutions, museums, galleries, curatorial
influences (though there are some are quite in opposition to it),
and specially through the means of granting fundings so called,
"constructiveness" is promoted versus "confrontational" art work.

Also, going back to "graffiti of protests" it is important to say that
depending of what type of institutional critique one is willing to do
utilizing visual arts, in what way one wants to execute it,and most
importantly if one try to promote it through a more formal aspects of
visual art avenues,a silent, yet powerful wall of silencing-censorship
one is going to face.

But this seems to be case only when we talk about art work made in
within the US borders and its critical nature is directed against the
power structures of the US. The institutional critique in within works
of art, by the very same institutions, is welcomed when it addresses
the power structures / institutions of presumable "nemesis" of the US
government, of course here we can put the art that was highly critical
of former communist regimes. Unfortunately, this problem with state of
affairs, here, in within the US is a very complex issue. Regards,gORAN

> Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 18:34:30 +0200 From:
> Michael.Benson@pristop.si To: nettime-l@kein.org Subject: Re:
> <nettime> The Artist is Present
> Hi Brian:
> Yes, it's true that we have our dispersed nexus of multiple power
> centers, all in aggregate enforcing the ruling ideology, or is it
> even an ideology rather than the rule of financial capital itself?
> When you remove the locks and walls, the restraining channels
> of legislation, and witness the power of capital unleashed in
> destructive floods as far as the horizon, can we call that ideology
> or something else? The toxic black crude pumping ceaselessly
> into the Gulf of Mexico being only the latest manifestation. And
> nature has been transported into virtual recreations as a kind of
> consolation prize, a la Pandora, where its destruction is again
> rehearsed. The endlessly yammering cable shows and repetitive blog



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