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<nettime> eventscape

------ -----------------------
      |          O            |
      |         //\           |
      |        / | \          |
      |          /            |
      |         |  \          |
      |        /    \         |
       ----------------------- ------

I've been giving collaborative filming workshops since 2003, first in
an educational setting at the Parsons New School University at the
initial invitation of Ted Byfield, followed by Mia Makela to the
320x240 VJ festival on Vis, Croatia, Keiko Uenishi to Club
Transmediale in Berlin, and Dunja Kukovec to MFRU/IFCA in Maribor,
Slovenia. It is not often that activity at the university makes it
into the clubs, but the last several years saw a resurgence of the
workshop at festivals and conferences, largely displacing
presentations. One of the principle reasons for this is the advent of
open source media tools and subsequent popularity of DIY electronics,
circuit bending, complimented by a heavy dose of social engineering.
This trend in the arts creates an atmosphere that favors the empirical
relative to the theoretical.

An eventscape is formed when participants collectively participate in
the production of moving images. Each participant embodies a mode of
production in real time comme dans le cinema-verite. This allows for
multiple subjective visions to a given situation. Filming is non-stop,
a direct flight of fancy, transitioning from composition to
composition immanent to the unfolding situation. The cross-referential
footage, featuring the dancer Alejandra Martorell, inhabits a public
space, in this case a spot recommended by Michael Delia, the anarchic
traffic pattern on Gansevoort Street in New York City:

http://bit.ly/9rxl7E (before street view)
http://bit.ly/9wtNIb (after street view)

The live cinema performance combines the disparate view points to
impulses in the music into a real-time movement collage. Filmed off
the screen last November to the tunes of lloop, Rich Panciera, at
Share in ISSUE Project Room Brooklyn:


Muchas gracias por los participantes en Nueva York: Chris G, Chris S,
Dalsu, Kirby, Lucy, Tamaki, Yenting, Yousook.

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