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Re: <nettime> "Critical strategies in art and media" gets it wrong

I rather like the idea of comparing the 20's to the 60's/70's. But I don't agree that there was *no* major leftist protest movement.  The labor movement was very strong.  There was an anti-war movement against WWI and there was a position against the draft.  If you dug around enough you could probably find a comparable tragedy to Kent State in there.  I'm thinking about corporations like AT&T buying libraries for major universities and teaching union busting management tactics.  There must have been a student backlash that just passed unnoticed... 

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> Subject: Re: <nettime> "Critical strategies in art and media" gets it wrong
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> I'd like to point out that the 1920's
> were also an era of "sex, drugs and rock'n"roll" or at least
> loosened sexual mores, illicit drugs including alcohol, and
> jazz, which of course also has African-American roots. But
> as far as I know there was no major leftish protest
> movement, at  least until October, 1929. The '20's saw
> a resurgence of the Klan, in fact. 

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