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Re: <nettime> .another internet is possible!_ [2x Morlock Elloi; Rob Myers]

> That (attempted) change in the meaning of identity to something reified
> and external can be seen in the push for database-stored and managed
> government biometric (etc.) "identity" schemes.

this shift occurred the first time someone wrote their name on a wax or clay 
tablet, or even earlier when painting a picture of themselves on a cave wall (or 
spatter-painted a stencil of their hand on the wall for that matter...)

to participate in the techno-social system requires reductive and (awkwardly 
limited) multi-dimensional/discrete/discontinuous representations of the 
continuous and transitional full self, it's only a sliding scale of how much one 
'allows' of the reductive process, and how much belief/faith/attention one gives 
to the representation of Self versus attentive intention to "the thing itSelf." 
  The map is not the territory.

{I exhale moisture onto the screen to clean from it the fingerprints of stabbed 
pointing at places on the map}


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